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I will live in the city when I was young, and live in the countryside when I was old because of reasons.

When you still young, you like staying crowded me too. I desire find out  around the world and yourselves. The city where I able to manifest capacity, I bring out creative with my ideas in favourable condition about persons, environment work. I am met, follow in steps of the best persons and famous speacialists in field that I am pursing, I want to become communicator take postive message with campaign operation that I carry out  thence I help better myself. But besides, there are disadvantages such as I am a lot of pressure about job, money. Make I must to try my best, result in influence healthy , I don`t no time for my family. Moreover, environmental pollution at the city more and more serious, I face up with disease due to water, air, food have harmful chemical.

I was born at mountainous region where conditional study is`nt been good as the city, the children in addtion at their school, they must support help their parents housework field work middle absent . Even, many people had to get married or do worker. On the other hand, living environment fresh, food friendly with natural. People live with together love and sincere. I wish stay at the countryside when I was old .

The choose what there are two side , I choose live according to the change about time.


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