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The diagrams show how a school library changed considerably over the past 5 years. Overall, it can be seen that a significant change has been made in terms of the library's interior space design, with lots of facilities have been upgraded in there.

Over the period of time, the entrance was still located in the south of the library. In the center of this area, there used to be four large study tables which have been replaced by six spaces for students to study privately, with each having six seats. On top of that, the bookshelves which were situated in the far back along the width of the library remained intact over time. In addition, along with the demolition of the classroom, a new recording studio has been erected in the west of the library. Besides, even though the meeting room stayed unchanged, now the space for the book borrowings and returns have been separated into 2 different rooms: the book borrowings with a help desk and the book returns.

Looking at the east side of the library, the small bookshelves and the desk with computers which were demolished to make way for the desk for students to use their own laptops. Further development was the demolishment of the library office in the southeast corner of the library, with the emergence of a new conference room.
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