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The large cities always tend to attract people from different areas looking for life-changing opportunities, and this trend have been causing citizens a lot of problems. In this essay, I would like to show some principal issue that people are facing daily and give my opinion about should they move to suburb.

In most of hustle and bustle cities, people usually face various problems on the daily basic, and there are two of them I would present. Firstly, citizens have to cope with the rising of level of traffic jam. As a result, they have to move overtime on the short road and could easily have any traffic accidents which come from driving faster in order to be in time for work or school. Secondly, the overpopulation in large cities is extremely putting pressure to housing and works. In other words, low-skilled workers would be hardship to meet employment opportunities with high salary, and government also need solution to solve housing issue.

I believe that government should have measures which work in short run to face such problem. For instance, to deal with congestion, dweller should be encouraged to leave private vehicle and move faster to their destination by metro or rail services. This would be a better way because although people live in the outskirt, they continue to drive to downtown for work. In addition, city should be expanded to satisfy demand for accommodation. When there have a bigger city, there are more enterprises and residential area for all.

In conclusion, modern city always appeal to people who are seeking for  a well-paid job, but a large volume of population are causing many serious issue which need effective solution from government.
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