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Many people around the world are now concerned about the growing problem of environmental damage. How can individuals help to stave off these problems?

In the modern world, environmental problems are attracting people’s attention because of their serious consequences which have an enormous impact on our lives. This essay will discuss some measures to lessen the effects of environmental damage.

There are several actions that people can take to mitigate the problems of the environment. Firstly, we should lower the rate of vehicles use to reduce air pollution which is caused by gas emission from vehicles. Another measure that can be taken is to expand the cover of green trees. By this way, people can prevent soil erosion as well as limit carbon dioxin from traffic congestion.

Furthermore, the rapid development of industry and population growth has threatened natural habitats with extinction, which lead to the depletion of natural resources along with the imbalance of nature on earth. To address this problem, governments should enforce laws that control the exploitation rate of human to ensure the survival of wild animals and biodiversity on our planet.

Most importantly, environmental damage is mainly caused by human because of irresponsibility for nature. Therefore, people need to raise public awareness about the adverse effects of environmental problems on life in order that they would stop bad habits which harm the environment. Moreover, we need to educate students to protect our environment through extra-curricular activities about the significance of nature and how serious it is if we destroy our habitat.

In conclusion, the environment plays an important role in our livings that people have to take practical actions to prevent environmental degradation and protect our life.

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