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Some people who have been in prison become good citizens later, and it is often argued that these are the best people to talk to teenagers about the danger of commiting a crime. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people think that rehabilitated prisoners who have turned their life around can tell young people about the consequences of a criminal lifestyle. I believe that this is the best method to divert youngsters from committing offences.

Although some people see ex-offenders in a negative light, they are the most suitable people to educate teenagers about the danger of breaking the law. Their life stories and experience about how they turn their lives around are far more attractive to teenagers than normal lectures.  Rebellious and defiant children listening to this real-life experience can understand the brutality of prison life, thus stop idealising the criminal lifestyle and have more personal responsibility. Ex-prisoners can relate with children who misbehave because they want attention and recognition from adults and provide guidance on how to become proper adults in the future.

In my opinion, other approaches to prevent children from breaking the law aren’t as effective. Disobedient and ill-behaved teenagers don’t want to listen to their teachers who are strict and doesn’t understand their feelings, but they may listen to an ex-offender who used to behave like them. Police officers as authority figures usually can’t persuade young people with a rebellious streak either. Another measure is showing teenagers films about life in prison to deter their unlawful behaviour, but real-life stories from prisoners are more convincing than document films.

In conclusion, in order to deter crimes that are committed by youngsters, having reformed offenders to share their experience in prison is the most effective method.


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