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With the nonstop progress of mass media, advertisements appear more recently in order to compete with others which cause people annoyed. It is widely believed that the prohibition of advertising in all forms brings many benefits for society due to its useless intents and sometimes harmfulness. Personally, I partly agree with this notion.

On the one hand, there are several supportive reasons why there should be a ban on all kinds of advertising. Firstly, as appearance can often be deceptive when we see it through screen, despite inhumanity, many people fraud people by portraying their products in a wrong way to tempt buyers. For example, the fairness scream and lotion helps our skin recover miraculously just in 4 weeks but pragmatically , in turn, it is impossible and even makes our face worse. As a result, innocent people are trapped in the trick of entertainment companies and lose both their money and belief. Moreover, more and more advertisements emerge every hours on social media with irrelevant contents and being showed too long which displease viewers a lot.

On the other hand, advertisements serve as an indispensable role in sustaining industries and our daily life. This might seem to be the only efficient way and viable way for people to follow the new trends and for merchants to introduce and sell their products easily. Without advertisements, the link between goods and consumers is eradicated and the companies would find it hard to reach out to their customers to make more earnings and gain belief. Consequently, large brands may manipulate the world market and many new companies run the risk of bankrupt. Furthermore, those advertisements allow people to have more options about various goods with reasonable price.

In conclusion, from arguments mentioned above, although advertisements does possess many distinct beneficial aspects, I believe that a ban on it should be considered.
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