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imageSome people say that living in a high-rise apartment block is a lonely experience because there is no community spirit. Others say that people who live in high-rise apartments have a much better sense of community than those live in houses.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The shortage of land and increasing urbanization, many high-rise buildings are being constructed. Although some citizens believe that staying in skyscraper apartments has limit interaction due to less communication with other people while others think this lifestyle have much greater socialization rather than living in houses. This essay will discuss both sides of living in a high-rise apartments block.

To begin, high-rise building has its disadvantages. People who live in apartments have no sense of community. For instance, the dweller is busy with their own business since their working time exceeding twelve hours a day. This circumstances create the residents more selfish and ignore the surroundings. They do not have a chance to communicate with their neighbors while those who live in houses occupant do that. Tower block residents do not even know who their neighbors are.

However, living in the block of flats have many advantages. Firstly,  people who live in high-rise buildings have a sense of happiness. Thanks to public facilities such as garden, swimming pool and function rooms; people can go to the garden to relax and it also a good chance for them to get acquaintance with apartment dweller. Secondly, apartment inhabitant can be sociable. Because tower blocks consist of many rooms which are filled with occupants who come from diverse culture. For everyone who is keen on making communication with strange denizen, this occasion can increase the knowledge about the traditional custom and behavior of the neighbor by arranging a meeting and cooking together in the weekend, for example. Automatically, the relationship among the dwellers can be built easily and there is no one who becomes lonely.

In conclusion, living in a high-rise apartment block can be a lonely experience. However, it depends on the type of people who live in them. In my opinion, high-rise living is just rewarding socially as living in a house occupant.

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