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Nowadays, with the development of the world, international trade is becoming easier and more various when goods not only known by traditional ways such as words of mouth direct introduction of seller but also many modern ways like Internet and social media. These advances of advertisement also decide development and fame of a company. As a result, advertisement plays an important role in the market.

It is no doubt that advertising is one of the most important factors of modern business. Having willingness to be famous and have benefit and selling good, companies need to tell customers about their products. When being told about many well-quality goods, we have more choices for our need, thus shorten time to choose the right good that is suitable for our need. Additionally, advertising also help people to have more choice about occupations. Being the same as literature and other acts, advertisement has psychological impact to customers and it needs good ideas to develop, being as same as writing a novel in order to lead the reader along the intrigue. As a result, advertising need well-qualified people to make benefits.

However, in some cases, advertisement has negative impacts to many aspects of society. Majority of advertiser focus on popular trends in order to convince customers that buying a product will make them happier. Not only using many celebrities such as musicians, footballers, even economic seniors but they also use many ordinary peoples to demonstrate that their products are excellent. This fierce competitiveness not only makes customers confusing and wasting money as well, but also make some advertisement which are beyond the truth. It mean that customers are tricked. In the additions, many advertisers focus on children who are easily influenced by advertisements. As a result, children will put pressure in their parents to buy them what they wants, thus make them to develop in bad way.

As we know, advertisements mainly belong to corporations so it is very hard to take control all of them. Therefore, the first thing to do is to establish an administrative part which is in charge of controlling the advertisements. Advertisements focusing on children should be carefully controlled, even banned if it has unsuitable contents. Advertisement being involved in unhealthy goods such as fast food or cigarettes should be censored or have products which art warned.  However, advertising is very important for market economic, so government should only banned false information or products which are harmful.



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