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It is true that foreign travellers nowadays have a bias against these countries which they come to instead of broading minded as well as they fail to benefit when they travel. There are various reasons for this, and there are also many solutions should be taken into consideration to address this problem and improve it constructively.

 Firstly, foreign tourists have a prejudment when they travel must be due to the lacking of critical thinking skills. They just see one side of an issue and they have no thinking positive sides. To solve this problem, people are encouraged to learn about critical thinking skills. In particularly, students at schools or universities should be taught intensely. For example, those should be provided more subjects using critical skills like debates or writing essays. As a result, they will perceive the world more fairly.

 Secondly, the cause leading to have a bias when people travel abroad would be cultural shocks. This is because they have never seen these foreign cultures, and these are completely new for them. Therefore, that make people fell down in feeling and take a comparison with their own countries.In this situation, previewing the culture of foreign countries before traveling could bring effective results to visitors. For instance, travellers should read more handbooks about cultures and exprience of famous trvellers. As a consequence, people are well-prepared and they are likely to accept new things.

 Finally, the last reason for this problem is that these visitors cannot fully understand the issue because they cannot speak foreign language. This means that they cannot communicate with other people and cannot understand the full sides. To address this problem, many people in the world are encouraged to study foreign language before they travel. In particularly, it is English language, because English are widely used in many coutries. Consequently, they can understand the foreigners when they have to know somthing.

In conclusion, it is clear that there are different reasons for travelling foreign countries with falling out of the benefits and possible approaches should be considered to takle this problem.
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