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Some people think that enviromental problems are too big for individuals to be solved, while others think that individuals cannot solve these enviromental problems unless governments make some action.
Discuss both of view and give your own opinion.

Many people have their own opinion that individuals cannot solve enviromental problems by themshelves unless government imposes some solutions in order to help. In my perspective, I agree that enviroment issues should be dealt only by state government.

Government is respondsible for the sponsorships subsidided farmers in solving catastrophe such as famine or drought. Particularly, by using the abdundant workforce in enviromental organizations, government should use the irrigation in order to fill in soil erosion lands on hills or mountains. In addition, water processing system should also be listed on attention. At the moment, citizens in urban zones do not have fresh water to use. Instead of using run-off water, they have to drink outtaken water source from factories into rivers that mixed with another dirt or toxic waste. Not only citizens but also habitat be effected by water pollution. Many endangered species have been facing with the extinction if government does not have any coped actions with fresh water supply.

However, each individual also be able to save the surrounding biosphere. People should use some parades in order to transmit the others in campaigns involved in enviromental savings so as to encourage government recognize the importance of habitat as the result of preserving it more carefully. In addition, each person also donates their own money for organizations as a source to pay for food or drink in damaged areas caused by famine and drought as well.

To sum up, both citizens and government should be respondsible for datas involved in enviroment. Nevertheless, government should spend their attention rather than citizens in imposing action for solving eco- system because they have abdundant source both in workforce and also finance.


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