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Nowadays, Internet has become such a convenient way to get useful information about everything. However, it is also believed that newspaper will remain the most important source of news. i partly agree with this opinion due to some following reasons.

On the one hand, News on the Internet grows in popularity owing to its potential benefits. People can have a quick access to the sources of communication and by many ways such as using mobile phones, computers or laptops. Thus, having more knowledge about what they need. In addition to this, information that Internet provides us is objective because the Internet users are able to share their own opinions. Nevertheless, Internet is a very suitable environment to discuss anything. That is where we can give off our own ideas and receive many different views from others.

However, it is undeniable that newspaper bring us many considerable benefits. The first benefit that people can mention is that newspaper provides us with extremely reliable sources of information. Every articles which are available on newspaper have been carefully appraised by the publisher. Moreover, the people who write these articles are professional and experienced. Secondly, newspaper is suitable for all ages, especially elderly, who are not accustomed to using the Internet. Children can also read them in lieu of facing with a large amount of information that is not clear and perhaps, unsuitable. Furthermore, newspaper also supply people with general knowledge. For instance, many businesses are in need of information that is related to their job and reading newspaper is such a reliable way to tackle that.

In conclusion, although the Internet has a large number of advantages and is becoming more popular, the newspaper will remain a important source of news, even in the Internet age.

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