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In this day and age,there stands variable ways for us to learn and improve our English.Among them,I strongly agree that studying the English language in an English -Speaking country might the best but not the only way to learn the language for the following reasons.

There is no doubt that learning English in English-speaking countries is the best way and can be considered to be quite advisable,interesting and desirable.First of all,one is immersed in the english atmosphere which can stimulate your potential ability to learn language significantly.Secondly,you will raise your feelings of enjoyment and adventurousness as well as curiosity in exploring about culture and tradition of foreign countries.Finally there stands great chance of making friends in multinational environment.

On the other hand,I do not fully agree with the above statement.First and foremost,recent surveys have shown that students who choose to study in their school villages for higher education are less stressful and sometimes they might be even much better than those who take the choice of studying overseas for some main causes.For instance,although,students taking foreign courses may have more opportunities to meet,exchange and communicate with native speakers just through daily simply activities than those who study in home countries but instead they do not need to suffer from nervousnesss,anxiety,loneliness,scare and homesickness,feelings that students living in distant countries have to experience throughout their period of time in those distant ones.These mixed feelings may emerge from their need to meet the daily demands like shopping,paying for electricity bill,finding accommodation, need to be conscious to protect themselves against society's trap, caring for themselves without any relatives stand by,paying for their study and living costs while students in hometowns have no obligation to waste their time worrying about these things.Furthermore,although it is undeniable that we can take many benefits from studying and living abroad,there are other practical methods that can help us study English apart from living in foreign countries such as self-study through Internet information,media,newspaper,watching news or post on youtube accompanied by websites which can be less expensive and much more feasibility providing that the learner is hard-working enough,I sure that they can learn English well in any countries.

In conclusion,for the above reasons,I firmly believe that people who have the golden opportunity to study in foreign countries especially an English-speaking country are certainly of great luck,but in my opinion that is not the sole ways we have and the result of learning first of all depends entirely on the patience and diligence of each english-language learners.  

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                                                                                                                                    To begin with, each country has its own unique method of learning English that has been reviewed and edited by the time, so it may not be suitable for other foreigners though there exist(exists) courses or methods which are perfect for the beginners( or intermediates), for instance, Cambridge, IELTS, Oxford, etc.
 Secondly, it is true that speaking with foreigners in English-speaking countries can improve our English's vocabulary and skills quickly but the other side of the coin(another side of this advantage) is that how long we can keep up with that, can you trust them(this is a question->whether you can trust them or not), are they speaking like native speakers(a question->if they speak like native speakers) and much more so I suggest that we should only do that when we master it properly in various ways, for example, learning from Youtube, signing up for a speaking clubs or courses, etc so as to improve your English skills. 
Next, when you come to an English-speaking country, you immediately find yourself at a loss to understand and follow its traditions and customs so if you are going to a country like that, prepare yourself necessary knowledge in order to overcome all difficulties in the parlance, taboo, daily activities and furthermore. 
Last but not least, you may have to face financial difficulties unless you have appropriate conditions or receive a scholarship for studying abroad, etc. What you may have seen on the TV or from the Internet or from advertisements about this is only the tip of the iceberg, because there are more things for you to do in order to get through this. Also, you can be taken for a ride by scammers if you don't see through it carefully.
  In conclusion, I can say that although study the English language in an English-speaking country is the most effective way, it is not the only way to learn the language. Taken everything into consideration, I suggest it is up to everybody to decide where and how to learn English.
  This essay explains the advantages and disavantages of learning in English speaking country and doesn't explain the whole topic.
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