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Human beings are entering a brand-new era full of opportunities and innovations and a great change has taken place in tourism. Unlike the past, people are now able to travel to other planets. However, this issue has been in the limelight and has aroused wide concern in the public. After pondering this matter on many occasions, I finally reached the opinion that space tourism has both its merits and demerits, thus my detailed analysis will be given in this writing.

    What takes my precedence are the undeniable benefits of traveling into space. Firstly, it is irrefutable that the adventures to other planets could help us to acquire more knowledge of our university. Moreover, humankind would stand a great chance to discover a new and habitable planet for them, thus reducing the severity of global warming on the Earth. The prospect of exploring such untouched sources of energy as minerals or coat is no exception. Another benefit is that in order to continue the trip into space, the scientists and machinists need to do researches on the spacecrafts to find out not only the fastest way but also the less costly way to travel to other planets. As a result, the advanced technology will be boosted, culminating in the higher quality of life on the Earth. Indubitably, space tourism definitely brings about multiple advantages for the human beings.

    However, as the saying goes ‘’No garden is without weeds’’, travelling into space is no exception. It also contains considerable drawbacks and limitations. The most noticeable disadvantage is that the cost of a trip to space is not nominal, but a tremendous amount of money. Meanwhile, there are many people living in poverty and in need of money to upgrade their living standard. Moreover, not only does space tourism cost money but it also costs natural resource of the Earth such as gasoline. Besides, space tourism is very dangerous and risky since the space shuttles could explode or aviation incidents are probably to occur. Irrefutably, the downsides of space travelling are evident and should not be ignored.

    In a nutshell, probability of discovering new lands and motivating the development of technology are among the merits of space tourism. However, the such obvious drawbacks as the cost and the risk of its should not be neglected.
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