Everyone of us has at least one best friend to share happiness and sadness. So do I. My best friend's name is Linh. I can say she is my closest friend since we were the children. We have grown up in the same town , went to same school and even studied in the same class. Linh is quite good-looking. She is tall and thin. She has a round face, brown eyes and thin lips. She is a helpful and friendly girl. She has talent in Maths so sometimes when i get troubles , she always explains comlex Maths theories in simple ways to help me understand. I like spending time with her because we have common things together. That's why she understands me including my hobbies and dislikes. The best thing I like about her is sense of humor. She always has useful ways to make me laugh whenever I'm sad or angry. I really treasure our friendship and hope that it will last forever.