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Peer Pressure [đã đóng]

Is peer pressure harmful or beneficial to the individual?


Adolescence is by all means a key phrase all youngsters go through to shape their personality and thinking patterns. Overall, they must bear a burden of being influenced by peer pressure. This phenomenon, from my point of view, brings both advantages and drawbacks from several aspects.

On the one hand, becoming a member of one’s peer group is of benefit to the teen due to two primary reasons. The feeling of being a member of a group of the same age acts as an incentive to enable them to behave in a similar way to their counterparts .Take academic excellence as a case in point. Surrounded by determined and hardworking classmates, impressive performance of them instills in a young student a sense of resolution to keep pace with their peers. Furthermore, in most cases ,this is not about pressure all the time, but an inspiration in turn, makes remarkable transformations. Precisely, a great many teenagers have a tendency towards cowardice which typically means being unable to speak out their minds on account of the likelihood of being excluded. Consequently, connection with confident and energetic friends helps them to come out of their shell and live with their true shelves.

On the other hand, there is an alarming call of detrimental impacts of peer pressure. As a matter of fact, most teenagers are vulnerable to being ostracized or socially excluded. As a result, they put in an effort to avoid this by compromising their own beliefs, yielding to unreliable rules within groups, and inevitably devastating themselves. Notably, they are liable to fall in with the wrong circle of friends and gradually find themselves caught up in all sorts of trouble .Much as they endeavor , all activities they participate in may involve dabbling with drugs, exploring their sexuality, indulging themselves in criminal activities in order to gratify a few peers. Undeniably ,far-reaching repercussions of this wrongdoing such as drug addiction, teenage pregnancy and so forth will lead them down the path of guilt and the destruction of their identity.

In conclusion, taking both sides into careful consideration, peer pressure has both beneficial and destructive aspects. The most urgent requirement is that the adolescents have to avoid taking up with bad friends and draw valuable lessons from examples of their peers.

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