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People are surrounded by all kinds of advertising. Some people believe that advertising has a negative effect on people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


In recent decades, the majority of countries have experienced a growing popularity of advertisements because they can offer several benefits. However, it is commonly considered by some that advertising exerts detrimental effects on individuals. Although I concede that advertising has some favourable aspects, I am more convinced that its drawbacks outweigh its benefits.

On the one hand, I suppose that there are positive impacts of advertisements. Firstly, advertisements seem to inform customers the function of products, which might help them make the right decisions. Admittedly, consumers could hardly know whether or not they should purchase items if they were not given any information about items. Therefore, companies regard advertising campaigns as one of the most effective ways to introduce new products to customers. Secondly, advertising can potentially make a contribution to the development of economy. Obviously, an increasing number of commodities are sold since consumers are attracted by advertisements. When the rate of consumption is likely to rise, businesses can possibly upgrade their infrastructure and sell products on a massive scale, which boosts the economic development.

On the other hand, I do believe that advertisements bring many negative influences. The main disadvantage is that advertisements usually exaggerate the quality of commodities, so customers seem not to have a sense of satisfaction and happiness after purchasing them. It is alleged that nowadays, the majority of people lose their trust on advertising because advertisements often deliberately overstate the function of items, especially luxurious ones. Another unfavourable aspect is that youngsters often cope with financial difficulties when they spend much money on buying products that are advertised by their idols. It is true that many companies co-operate with a variety of celebrities to catch the youth’s attention who believe that sharing the same items with idols brings some special meanings.

In conclusion, I would restate that advertising has both merits and demerits so individuals need to think carefully about buying items based on only advertisements. 

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