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Help me pls i'm in hurry ㅠㅠ

in the recent years , standardized tests , such as ielts and toefl are becoming a pre requisite to students&apos; future success. Some people believe that the overemphasis on those tests are causing a lot issues that handicap students&apos; ability to experience learning. to what extent do you agree with this opinion ?<br>
The regulated tests , such as IELTS and TOEFL are turning into a precondition to pupil&apos;s further accomplishment. It is widely believed that the importance of those tetst is blocking student&apos;s power to experience learning. I&apos;m strongly convinced with that. <br>
First of all , because too much emphasis is put on the tests results these days , teachers are just spending more and more time teaching what are relevant to the test. If there is something that is interesting , useful for students&apos; understanding about the world , but that would not be on the standardized test , teachers will just leave it behind. However , there is a growing concern that students can study about the tests at the same time learning common things. The significance of the concern is paled in comparison with learning about the tests only because these tests directly affect students&apos; future so they extremely focus on these and just have a limit of time and this leads to the incapability in studying general knowledge. <br>
Standardized tests do not cover many skills that parents want their children to develop while at school, including teamwork, creativity, how to ask good questions, how to persist with difficult projects, and how to apply skills to real-world challenges. However, there is an opposition to this idea , which is doing the tests are more essential than those fundamental things. In fact , the above concern is only true if you live alone. Everybody has to live in a big community , so teamwork , creativity and social skills are especially important to be successful. <br>
In conclusion , students can do standardized tests to get qualifications to study abroad or to succeed and change their lives , but they have to prepare enough social skills so that these tests would not cause many disadvantages. It is a reliability what I actually think is these tests truly handicap students.
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