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The computers are widely used in education and some people think that teachers do not play an important role in the classroom. To what extent do you agree?

As the world of technology is getting more and more advanced in this day and age, computer is also making increasingly common presence in modern classrooms. Because of this, some may argue that computers will eventually replace traditional teacher as they may no longer play a significant role. I disagree with such opinion albeit computers do possess a handful of helpful features.

To begin with, computer can provide students as well as teachers with various advantages. Firstly, they are quick, consistent and rarely make mistakes, which ensures the best accuracy in the knowledge that students would acquire. Furthermore, through teaching and implementing lively animations, images or Power Point presentations, teachers can increase student’s interest in learning, which in turns will make the study hours more appealing to them, and allow easier understanding of a subject for them. In addition, when students are allowed to study in computer room with their computers connected with the teacher’s server, they are easier to manage, making sure that no one is getting distracted or losing concentration while studying.

However, I am in strong agreement of the idea that technology does not stand a chance to replace conventional teachers. First of all, teachers are always the ones who inspire students, share with them as well as encourage them when they are into trouble or give them advice when they are losing motivation or making mistakes. All the things which are impossible to be done by a computer. Moreover, unlike computers, teacher also provide students with know-how, soft skills and social skills besides theory in books. These, in my opinion, are pivotal aspects which contribute to the laying of foundation for their career path late on. Another significant point is that machines can only tell students where they are wrong but not why and give reasonable explanation. As a result, if relying on computers for too long, they would hardly learn from their mistakes, which in turns will hinder their academic development remarkably.

To sum up, even though computers are well-known for their distinctive advantages to which they can present students, I am still more supportive of the fact that they would not become a substitute for teachers in the long run.
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