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People in many countries have to spend more and more time away from their home. Why is this? What are the effects on people themselves and their families?

It is true that in many countries, the feature of modern life is that people spend more time far away from home. While there are some obvious reasons to explain for this trend, some individuals and their families also are affected as largely negatives.

There are two important factors influence on people and they have to be forced to be away from home longer. Nowadays, the realistic economic has been changing the human’s working environment. An inevitable consequence of new global economic is the disappearance of traditional ways of life, thus they have to seek far and wide and find a job to support their family or to improve job prospects. Secondly, in order to have a better standard of living, women is giving up the norm of behavior, thus the dual-income families or women workings are become more popular. Some women who stay at home to take care of their children are incompatible with this trend. Those who want to have a better lifestyle would have to work longer hours.

Both above factors are serious consequences with individuals and their families. Those men who move to another city to work, even in another country would have to become economic migrants, labor with a minimum wage or be forced to accept the sweated labour. Although they work so as to send money to their family, as guest labours in England and German, but the ties of kinship with families will be decreased. Women who go out to work full-time will influence the shaping their children’s personality in their formative years. As a result, children will have trouble with the patterns of behavior in the future.

In conclusion, the reasons of this trend are demonstrated immediately, and there are some far-reaching consequences on people and their families.
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