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In conjunction with the rapid development of the society, especially in technology, which renders us convenience, citizens all seem to have forgotten the country's history playing an undeniably vital role in our daily life and i have to strongly disagree.

First of all, humankind ourselves had made mistakes  and by keeping those in mind, we can naturallly learn from those false steps in the past and improve for better. For example, as negative as it sounds, without the pain and the lost do we now know the consequences of war and try to find a better solutons to prevent it from happening again.

Another equally remarkable advantage of having memories of old days throughout  the development of  human beings is its enormous knowledge. Just by studying origins of an country we can broaden our horizons about cultures and customs and have further understanding of that country into the bargain.

Last but not least, as a wise man always say, "A person cannot forever remain a people if he forgets what it is that binds him together". Forever bearing the nation's history since its establishment is not only simply learning by heart but also the duty of each individual living in it that presents the pride and the loyalty to the place they settle in.

In conclusion, in the modern civilization like this day and age, ancient times of a part of the world must be never left behind in during the evolvement of humanity. As a person existing on the Earth, its our task to fondly rememberize history, the significant piece in a person's morality
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