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Nowadays, air pollution has become one of the most serious problems. It has really bad effects to not only the environment but also people's healths. There have been many  discussions about how to solve this problems

There are many elements that cause air pollution. First of all, emissions from industries and manufacturing activities are the main agent that engender the air pollution. Everyday, industries and factories emit a large amount of smoke, dust and high levels of chemicals, caxbon dioxide into the air and these poisonous gases will destroy the ozone layer which are protecting us from the UV Rays. Secondly, it is also burning fossil fuels that causes the air pollution. Fume from cas exhausts contain many dangerous gases that can do harm to our health when we accidentally breathe them. Recently, some statistics have shown us that everyday, vehicles and factories produce smoke and dust at an alarming rate. The final factor is household and farming chemicals. Some gases which people ( esspecially farrmers ) usually use such as: fertilizer, pesticide, etc may lead to some serious diseases for people. Arcording to a survey, over ten thousands of people die every year because of some diseases related to the respiratory system.

Because of dangerous affects of air pollution, many solutions have been made. To begin with, governments must take action against air pollution by introducing and applying green energy such as: wind energy, solar energy and other renewable energy to minimize the amount of poisonous gases. Moreover, governments must heavily punish the companies that pollute the air constantly. Furthermore, people have to encourage each other to protect the environment, reduce the air pollution by using fewer cars, motorbike, etc. And finally, we have to recycle and reuse things. By regularly effectuating that, not only can we prevent the air from being polluted but we can also save money for ourselves

In conclusion, air pollution is one of the most serious problems but every countries, every governments are putting more effort into finding the solutions. Hopefully, the air will be clean again
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