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People have different views about whether the growing international interaction in terms of commerce and culture will have multiple advantages. While there are some drawbacks of this tendency, I would argue that its benefits are much more significant.


On the one hand, it is undeniable that the import of foreign culture might have adverse effects on the local one. Firstly, local people’s lifestyles are apparently influenced to some extent. The influx of numerous fast food and beverages companies has greatly converted the consumption habits of domestic customers. To illustrate, young people currently decide to have dinner in KFC or Lotteria restaurants on a regular basis, and this might discourage native cookery development. Furthermore, tradition fashion of the host country is also a victim of overseas cultural import. For instances, “ao dai” – one of Vietnamese traditional costumes, could be forgotten and supplanted by various types of Korean or Western elegant clothing in the long term.


On the other hand, it seems to me that the benefits of commercial and cultural interaction are far considerable. Chief among the advantages of this trend is the enhancement of national economy. For example, along with exporting an enormous number of agricultural products to other countries, Vietnam has high opportunities to import a wide range of essential items such as new technological devices or industrial materials, and this will partially raise the living standard of Vietnamese residents. In addition, it is beneficial that we could learn a variety of useful lessons while trading with other countries. To illustrate, when Vietnamese employees cooperate with Japanese counterparts, the ones from this developing country could acquire effectual working manners such as punctuality, responsibility or high efficiency, which will contribute the generation of Vietnamese effective workforces later on.


In conclusion, while there are irrefutable disadvantages of this interaction, I think its advantages are much more important. (306 words)

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