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In some countries, the policy of education is aim at expanding more empty places in universities for young students who just only graduated from high school. Although there are some advantages for economic and social, I completely agree that there isn’t realistic for such a high proportion of young people following university studies.

It is not feasible to offer places in universities for most youngsters. First and foremost, the payment for building more campuses would be prohibitive, not to mention the cost for buying indispensable teaching equipment. Without learning areas, new students accepted by these universities wouldn’t have their own spaces to study and must join other old classes, which makes the teaching quality go down. Moreover, the entrance mark of these colleges must be lowered in order to match with the education level of youngsters. Clearly, the standard of learning in higher education would be unstable.

In terms of manpower resources for the country economic, this doesn’t bring back any advantages. In spite of the truth that many countries dream of having many people who have finished their higher education and been well-trained about social problems, this would be the reason for lacking of skilled technicians and employees in manufacturing and service sectors. Instead, the government should pay more attention on opening more classes teaching realistic jobs for school-leavers, combine with the opportunities of gaining real experiences or getting a job, which not just learning theory. To balance a steady economic means providing good work opportunities in all sectors of economy.

To sum up, I fully agree with the idea that learning is not enough and having skills in every part of the economy are what we want.

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1. Aim là động từ. Mình nghĩ bạn nên xem lại vị trí sử dụng tại đây " is aim at "

2.  " Advantages for" --> advantages of

3. " are what we want " --> is what we need

4. " pay more attention on " --> pay more attention to

5. " There isn't realistic " --> it isn't realistic

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Theo bạn, bài viết này được bao nhiêu "chấm" ?
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