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TOPIC task 2 tuần này ngày 21/10/2017 :

Some people say that the increasing business and cultural contact between countries is positive development, while others think that many countries will lose their national identities as a result. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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In recent years, the exchange of business and cultural among countries all over word have become a broad phenomenon to the general community. Some people argue that it will carry significant advantages to every country, nevertheless, others claim that there are various drawbacks to this phenomenon. Although I have some sympathy with the latter idea, I firmly believe the cooperation and development in business and cultural is excessively essential in this new era. Discussed below are my perspectives to those statements.

On the one hand, there is a vital argument which is the effect of foreign cultural have prompted the gradual disappearance of several national traditions. For example, “Cheo” and “Cai Luong” are forms of Vietnam traditional arts which were extremely popular in the public in early 20th century; however, nowadays it is truly difficult to see those art forms in Vietnam since the new generations tend to enjoy Pop culture as well as Electronic Digital Music from Western media.

On the other hand, generating fully relationships with countries around the world will deliver countless opportunities to boost the country’s economy and eliminate adverse traditions. For instance, before 1980, 80% of famers in Vietnam lived in poverty due the fact that they could only sell their products to local inhabitants with low-cost. But everything changed when the governments imposed the “Renovation” policies which allowed the export of local goods. Now, Vietnam is one of the countries exporting the most coffee, rice and pepper in the world and a new generation of wealthy and status farmers have been created. Furthermore, in the past Vietnam women was not considered as important roles in companies or organizations because of gender prejudice. After the “Renovation”, Western cultural with high respect for women steep in and inspired millions of women in Vietnam following their dreams. At the moment, many senior leaders and managers of global companies and government agencies in Vietnam are female, which was certainly unusual in the last decade.

In conclusion, the above mention facts have created a dilemma when people evaluate the impact of this issue, and it is still a controversial topic. As far as I am concern, I put more emphasis on the idea that the benefits of improving business and approaching cultural outweigh the drawbacks. Authorities should have further concern to this phenomenon. 

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