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There have been many inventions in human history such as the wheel. Some people think the Internet is the most important thing. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Throughout history, humans have invented many tools to help them live more easily. It is commonly acknowledged that the Internet is the most important invention. From my point of view, I strongly agree with this.

To begin with, the Internet has changed the way we access information. In the past, it used to be extremely difficult to find studying materials such as books and audios. However, nowadays, we can get as much materials as we need within a click. Along with being a resource for studying, this invention also provides up-dating news about global issues, or beauty tips and so on. Therefore, it is sometimes considered as a source of human knowledge. With just a few tips or tricks that we gained from the Internet, our lives can be a lot easier.

Additionally, the Internet has also changed the way we communicate dramatically. Nowadays, instead of having to meet face-to-face, human can interact through the Internet. This invention has helped humanity to overcome long distance, which used to be an obstruction is communication. Therefore, communicating through the internet is incredibly useful, as it helps us to communicate more efficiently without travelling. This is widely used in business meetings, remote education and so on. Moreover, thanks to the internet, people all over the world are growing closer, since this invention provides forums and chatrooms, where Internet users can discuss about certain topics and make friends.

In conclusion, I agree that the Internet should be regarded as the most essential invention, because it makes our lives easier by providing unlimited source of information. Also, people around us are growing closer and our times are being saved thanks to the changes that this invention has made to communication.

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