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In this day and age, obesity has been responsible for several problematic issues regarding individual appearance and health , which are highly concerned and prioritized by the modern citizens. However, a rapid growth of obesity epidemic has been witnessed recently resulting from various factors which will be analyzed in this essay below ,along with its impact in terms of health risk and societal discrimination.
     The escalating number of obese people mainly comes as a result of unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle which are predominant and conventional with the present technological development. Firstly, the preference for fast food over physical exercises which stems from the lessened time for proper self-satisfaction and the personal priority on working is significantly ascribed to the increasing trend of obesity for most parts of the world. Secondly, the familiarity of dealing with job-based problems at a firm position during an excessive amount of time is regarded as a contributory factor to the inactivity of modern citizens,which is the predecessor of being overweight afterward.
     Modern citizens suffer several severe issues brought about by their excessive and uncontrollable weight, mostly on their health and physical appearance. For instance, obesers are usually vulnerable to many serious cardiovascular and metabolic diseases that can diminish their work's productivity and their life expectancy. Additionally, social prejudice against overweightness has a negative impact on the feelings of those with excessive weight, which results in their intentional isolation from the community, their mental disorder of even sometimes their commitment to suicide for the exhaustion of being defamed by body shaming comments and cruel jokes.
    In conclusion, the causes of obesity can be traced back to the harmful diet lacking of proper consideration and sedentary lifestyle. Its noteworthy effects on human health and appearance are being mitigated by the considerable attempts of scientists and specialists.
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