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It was a day when I came back home after school, although being exhausted, I became conscious by the smell of a dish spread from my neighborhood's kitchen. I thought: "Oh, that smell is similar to the smell of my favorite dish when I was a little girl".  That smell reminded me of my family dinner, I missed the taste of that dish which my mom cooked for me whenever I got good marks because she knew I was fond of eating chicken curry rather than any other dishes. She cooked it for me as a small gift for my effort in studying hard. Chicken curry made by my mom was a motivation for me to put more effort into studying to be able to eat more chicken curry. As I am now studying far from home, it also reminded me of the cozy atmosphere of my family dinner, the time when every member of my family gathered together, talked about their days, asked after each other and laughed about every funny things. I wished  I would have time to reunite with my family when the summer came.

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This is the Speaking test so it’s really important to keep everything natural

I think you should try to add more words like honestly, actually, as you know... because it will make your speaking more fluent and natural

Besides, try some collocation and idiom languages. I noticed some good phrases in your test such as cozy atmosphere and it’s really good! Your grammar is accurate and you are able to used wide range of structures, which I have struggled in.
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