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You know how stories of the others, the outstanding ones, ones that overcame their difficulties and made their way to successes supposed to be our motivations. I spent most of my life admiring other people’s arts and their accomplishments but it seemed to just stop right there. I let myself to think that I would never be able to build such stories, to build my own achievements. I like to cook, to sing, I love drawing but never had I thought that I’m good at anything. And that’s wrong. No one should ever have a thought of not having anything special about themselves.

Throughout my early years of existence, I did accomplish a couple of achievements. During my years of Scouting, I had led the girl guides team to become champion twice. I managed to stay it the top 5 of my 49-student-class for 4 secondary years. I know how to draw and I love crafting. My works did get a considerate amount of compliments from either my family, friends or my art teachers. But I didn’t think that those things matter. Every now and then I compare myself to others, those who I considered superb and I would see myself having no chance against them and there would be no place for me to continue pursuing what I thought I was a little bit good at. Yes, even now I still think that I would never be as good as those outstanding individuals but that’s completely fine. Why comparing ourselves with others? The most important person you need to defeat is the yesterday you.

At the very end of my high school years, my friend received an admission letter from Lasalle, a college she’d applied for. As a close friend I said, “I hate you. Why are you so good?” and laugh. What she said really wake me up at the time, “What about you? When are you going to apply for at least one school? You have everything but what are you waiting for?” Nothing. I wasn’t waiting for anything. I were always talking about wanting to study abroad, wanting to get scholarships but I didn’t do anything. There was always a voice lying around “It’s not going happen, you don’t have what it takes.” It wasn’t my friends’ or my teachers’, it wasn’t anyone’s. It was my voice. I came to realize, it’s okay if I get rejected, it’s okay if I don’t have what it takes. What really matters is I’ve tried. In the end, whatever happened have its own reason, whether to prove that the voice is wrong or to show me what I’m lack of, to show me how I can defeat my yesterday’s selves.

Every one of us was born special. We, as different individuals all have something we’re good at and love. That something is just right there, waiting for us to dig it up. We might not be the best at it but as long as we make the best of our own selves, that’s enough.
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