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It is believed that technology is the principal factor for numerous environmental issues. While some people claim that living a simpler life will be the only solution for this problem, I would agree with those whose idea is to use technology as a measure to address this matter.

On the one hand, living in a simple world can tackle a variety of problems related to environment. Firstly, If the usage of cars and motorbikes is less, instead people tend to use bicycle as their main means of transportation, the emission of CO2 will be minimised. This will lead to the decrease in global temperature-the major cause of climate change. Secondly, a simple life means less usage of phones and laptops etc which will lessen the need for nuclear power to generate electricity. 

On the other hand, i believe we can take advantage of technology to help reduce the risks of environmental problems. Acid rain is considered to have contaminated a huge numbers of fertile lands which can be improved by using technology. For instace, nowadays, human can apply chemicals created in the laboraries for spoiled soil to make it possible for growing again. Moreover, thanks to technology, we can generate more renewable energy instead of utilsing natural resouces such as coal or oil etc which can be quite cheaper and friendly with the environment. 

In conclusion, though some people suppose that the only way to help the world to be cleaner is to live a simpler live, i would argue that technology can bring some helpful improvements for the environment.

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Dear Sakura,

I am a new member, I would like to give some small suggestions to improve my level ^^

"environment" --> the environment

"global" --> the global

"a huge numbers" --> huge number/a huge number

"simpler live" --> life

for instance/utilising/laboratories: misspelled

Your idea's very good, especially i like acid rain's thoughts.

Theo bạn, bài viết này được bao nhiêu "chấm" ?
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