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IELTS TASK 2: Is it a good idea for employers to give rewards to their employees. Besides, are there any other ways to motivate employees?

It is widely accepted that some employees should given rewards by their employers because of their significant contribution to the firm. Personally, I am in partial agreement with this view. In this essay, I am going to demonstrate that such a policy is controversial, and there are more sustainable measures to solve this problem

On the one hand, workers, who would have to work hard as slave to make ends meet, should be rewarded for their efforts to the company by their employers. As a result of giving bonus money, the employees would make great efforts to complete work. This way make a significant contribution to boost a level of employees' productivity, having a beneficial effect on driving growth of the firm. In addition, a small of extra money rewarding members of staff become great motivation in their jobs, so working man not only feel respectworthy but also show great dedication of health and enthusiasm to their lines of work. However, the practices motivating labourer to work effectively by means of bonus money are sometimes counter-effective because some employees, who do not reach the standard required, could have no idea of keeping up with their colleagues, breeding jealousy. Without any encouragement from the management, these labourer will not feel motivated, resulting in reinforcing the decrease in the amount of their labour productiveness. Therefore, these practices have an adverse effect on outcome of the company.

On the other hand, I contend that there exist some solutions to tackle this problem. By creating excellent promotion opportunities, some managers could reward working man for their exceptional contribution to the company. This way could enable them to satisfy their requirements for their long struggle. Moreover, the company's policy on housing or means of transport should be imposed by the firm. If this policy could be introduced, the financial difficulties, such as housing or vehicles, will be cleared, and thus working man not only release pressure from part of the life's needs, but also concentrate on their assignments and play a crucial role in the firm.

in conclusion, the business should survey the advantages and disadvantages of awarding the money. By constract, I am convinced that there are more underlying effective ways to address the issue.
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