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The table compares seven different educational difficulties in two elementary school which students experienced in the years 2005 and 2015. It is noticeable that while school A managed to reduce the incidence of these difficulties between 2005 and 2015, school B saw an overall rise of the rate of children who were struggling.

In 2005, the most two significant problems that students at school A had to deal with were following instructions and concentration in lessons, which accounted for above 40%. Meanwhile, the percentage of these two difficulties decreased dramatically to 18% in 2015.. There were slight reductions in the proportion of spelling, listening skills and verbal expression of ideas in the period, which were to 5%, 15%, 4% respectively. This percentage of students reading ability rose by 1% and the amount of handwriting still stable.

Students at school B considered verbal expression ideas and concentration in lessons were the biggest difficulties, which around 15% of them struggling. The other problems had slowly rise about 1 to 6%. There was only the rate of handwriting still unchanged.   


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