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Some people believe that school children should not be given homework by their teachers, whereas others argue that homework plays an important role in the education of children. Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.


People have different views about the effectiveness of homework in children’s educational developments. While some may argue that this is a waste of time and ineffectiveness, I tend to believe that homework do more good than harm.


There are a variety of reasons why some people argue against giving more home exercises to school pupils. Firstly, homework does not improve or enhance children’s performance at school. Many institutions have seen no apparent changes as regard to educational outcomes. Taking Finland achievements in education as an example, it is true that this nation is applying no homework programme, the secret behind the success of Finland's school system, which makes them become the most prestigious choice of studying overseas. Secondly, school-time nowadays is extremely long-lasting, which sometimes lead to fatigue, poor performance and even bad behaviour at school. Finally, leisure time and hanging out with school peers is equally as beneficial for students’ development as the time spending in classes.


Despite of the arguments mentioned above, I would argue that a specific amount of homework is obviously essential. The main reason is that children can develop and progress entirely at their own pace while solving and handling with schoolwork given to them. This can also be beneficial in terms of applying important knowledge and skills taught in morning lessons. For example, maths definitely encourages school students to improve solving problem ability which can be employed later in the adult life. Having such vital skills on school leavers’ CV can definitely impress many university admission officers or business employers.


In conclusion, while there are some disadvantages of doing a large amount of exercises at home, it is my firm belief that children can benefit better and fully develop when solving these home tasks.


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detrimental effects on their health.

    The second element which fulfill workers'satisfaction is a good employer. An ideal employer is the one who can understand his companions and make good use of their talents. Moreover, a good boss always values others'work, which can disperse a sense of fulfillment among the employees. However, in reality, almost all employers cannot meet these criteria because they have too much work and do not feel contented themselves. That's why workers are dissatisfied with their work.

    Last but not least, cooperative colleagues are truly important in raising job satisfaction degree. Cooperation in teamwork can boost productivity, which brings in better performance and payment. Besides, having good colleagues prevents you from conflicts and bullying which can cause pressure and more seriously, psychological effects. This factor is sometimes not met by some workplaces and people may suffer due to their high salaries or interest.

In conclusion, everyone seeks job satisfaction but hardly anyone can be fully satisfied. Companies should pay attention to job

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