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Enviromental pollution is one of serious problems in many coutries and cause to lead to natual disasters such as flood, acid precipitation and climate change. Therefore, both goverment and individuals should find the methods to solve these problems.
We are paying  through he nose in terms of enviromental damage for the conveniences we  enjoy nowadays. For example, the earth is becoming hotter as well as glacier will melt and this reason lead to flood in many countries. Moveover, air is serious polluted by industrial emission from the factory or vehicle emisson or cacbon emission. These cause about many diseases for harmful people.
In order to remedy these isses,each invidiual need to have human perception in protecting our life. Taking part in all activities of enviromental protection such as growing plants beside encourage everyone use clean energy such as solar power as well as ecological materials in agriculture. What more we can often use friendly vehicle in driving on the road.
On the other hand, goverment should also institute  trick regulations about discharging untreated effluent into rivers and sea by the factory to defend many aquatic species. In addition, while prohibiting deforestation,goverment should encourage growing forest to balance enviromental life and especically tree provide a natural defense against air pollution remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while they emit oxygen and their leaves filter pollutants from the air.
To sum up, to live clean enviroment, each invidials need to have human awarness in building fresh enviroments also protect our welfare.
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Ideas in your essay are quite clear. The first one is on person and the second one is government. However, the essay quite short and there exists some mistakes maybe because of typing. So check it carefully.

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