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Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems

Identify one or two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems.

The global population has kept growing since last few decades, which causes countless issues, especially in the municipal areas. This essay will discuss the two main problems including traffic congestion and environmental problems, and then discover some viable solutions to combat the massive population in urban areas.

The firstmost problem is traffic jam. A typical example is Ho Chi Minh City, where local residents are struggling against thousands of motorcyclists, drivers and even pedestrians moving slowly on the crowded roads in the rush hours. There is no doubt that this affects their working productivity. If traffic congestion remains serious, this leads to other problems. The release of carbon dioxide contributed by a massive population, in conjunction with the emissions of greenhouse gases from transport have had a far-reaching consequences on the ecosystem so far. These days there are constant news about global warming, the ozone depletion, pollution and so forth, bringing the environment into the edge of destruction.

Undoubtedly, overpopulation in the metropotitan regions is an unavoidable issue that should be controlled immediately. Governments must be pioneers to limit the number of vehicles in populous cities, which could be achieved by encouraging people to use public transportation. Not only would a measure deter people from wanting to use their personal means, but it might also decrease a huge amount of gases emitted from vehicles. However, for the long-term goal of population decrease, fertility policy, which underlies all other answers to improve the current situation, is always at the top of the agenda to require every individual to follow strictly. In other words, if each couple has one or two children after marriage, the problem will change positively.

In conclusion, overpopulation is a worldwide issue that humankind can not avoid due to the development of the nature. However, if each nation sets reachable goals and puts all-out efforts to correct the problem, people soon witness the pessimistic prospect in the future.



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