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Some people believe that people when graduate in university education can get better jobs, while the others think that there are much wider good impacts for both individuals and society. To my point of view, I totally believe that graduates bring benefits not only for individuals but also for society.

First of all, it is undeniable that the main role of studying in university is to assist job for employment. Due to 4 or 5 years period of learning, student accumulate a huge amount of knowledge when they leave school included fundamental knowledge and soft-skills. Besides, in the society – based qualification nowadays, candidates having as – high – as – possible – qualification from the university are recognized to have better skills for their job than those who graduate with the lower score. By providing fundamental knowledge and qualification, graduate in university education is believe to have better opportunity in business.

Regarding to the other side, the higher rate of gradutes from university is believed to lead to a better society. Being provided high – skill labour workforce, the unemployment rate might be reduced to limit the criminal commitment. People when they earn enough for their living, they do not care about others’ property therefore they will not steal from others. Better manners contribute better society is undoubtable. More over, the high – education public is attractive to the investor then the high level of investment might trigger the grow of nation’s economic.

In concluding, among the aforementioned reason, graduates from universities bring variety of benefits for individuals in getting a good job and the development of society.

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