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So far, volunteering has set up a growing trend among communitites irrespective of genders or ages. Consideration is that whether high school student should take it as a part of the curriculumn or not. Personally, I am highy favor of working voluntarily as a student for the following reasons.

At the outset, they are more likely to gain indispensible and priceless skills . Students can get hands-on experiences by taking part in freewilling projects providing help to the society. Dealing with real-life situations and difficulties on their own enables volunteers to enhance life skills such as communicative and social skills, leadership, teamwork and the like. Also, by interacting with others, they can learn valuable things from greater minds. Futhermore, as later they enroll for universities and colleges, voluntary works differentiate teenagers and make them stand out from the herd.

At the second place, charitable jobs create opportunities to care for others. A lot of upper school boys and girls confided yearning for assisting people and building a civilised society but they were too shy to take the initiative. Therefore, unpaid society services provide ideal chances for those to show their care for public, express their abilities as well as putting up the base for a better world. Besides, seeing various plights in misery is a motivating inspriration for students to learn and work harder for a bright and promise world.

All of the aforementioned points lead me to a firm belief that teenagers should partake in upaid works as a part of their schooling. I strongly recommend upper schools to encourage their students to do extracurriculumn activites like these.

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