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Internet has held a vital key in the world today due to its benefit immensely brought into daily basis. Yet, certain people believe that still negatively does it remains nowadays. Fairly positively, I believe its strong suits outweigh its drawbacks which will be intensified.

On the one hand, utilization of internet today has achieved considerable impact on daily activities. Firstly, the communication methodology has been revolutionized leading to rapid connection in entire world. A person is able to contact with other one thanks to technological devices with accessed Internet. Secondly, information is feasibly stored and utilized. While in the past, written documents are entitled to retain knowledge, today, it can be conveniently stored whether on printed paper or by composing conveniences. Furthermore, internet is a great source of information to deepen understanding of a complex problem because it offers a various range of aspects encompassed relevantly.

On the other hand, not all post-up on internet are reliable. In comparison with authentically written publishes in which information is deeply researched, massively reinforced and authentically publicized, that on internet is posted which is probably in carefully checked, catalyzing the miscomprehension and misuse among searchers. Last but not least, internet unavoidably contains dangerous source of information such as pornography or incorrect explanation that seriously harm finders, especially, youngsters.

In conclusion, internet apparently played a major role in this modern world today. I strongly believe whether people wisely take advantage of it, their life will become easier as well as more convenient.

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