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Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists but not local people. Why is this the case and what can be done to attract more local people to visit these places?


It is the fact that tourists are becoming the main visitors of many museum and historical relics but not the local people. In my opinion, there are many reasons for this issue and also ways to make those places more attractive with local people.


There are many explanations that can enlight the reasons for low attendance of local citizens in historical sites. Firstly, the cost for those historical places is discouraging the indigenous people to come. This demotivated cost is not usually the case for tourists when they already aware of the cost for their trip and the willingness to purchase during holiday period. Furthermore, local people have already been acknowlegded of museum general background and the spectacular artifacts in surrounding historical sites. Hence, the journey to those historical places can become boring if there is no activity to be the add-on value for this type of visitors.


To encourage local visitors to come to museums and historical places, government can apply several implications. The most effective solution is to reduce the entrance price of those places or even to apply the free entrance ticket for specific events. For instance, on the anniversary day of the museum or the international culture events, there should be free entrance for everyone to come. On the other hand, hardly can the museums or historical relics resurrect the interest of local people without holding up engaging and fascinating events. Althought these additional events increase the cost of organization; they also help those historical artifacts and story become more appealing, interactive to indigenous people.



To conclude, museum and history sites are less attrative to local people. However, government can get on hand with solutions to solve this issue.
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Today is my first day on this web, so I don't have many experiences to recommend to your post. My grammar is not good at all. However, in my opinion, overall, it's been a good essay. But I found it was not very interesting in the way you express your idea when the vocabulary repeated so many times. And to conclude, you just found the government's responsibilities but ours. What can we do to solve this problem was not mentioned. Furthermore, the solution you recommended, just in my opinion again, didn't really satisfy the readers because in the fact, the government is doing this as you suggested, but this matter still continue to exist.
Anyway, thanks for your writing. This helps me a lot in gathering experiences to write my essay better :)
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