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A picnic

Going a picnic is always my favourite. One of times I remember the most is that in high school with my class. The picnic was held on a small hill, about fourteen kilometers far away from the downtown. That was the first time I went out so far away from home, so I was very excited, but a little bit nervous. Thanks to that I learn so much thing to hold a picnic successfully, from planning, preparing to partying for the picnic.

For the picnic, making clearly a plan was necessary, and the more detailed the more better. First, we needed to discuss and fix a date appropriately for everyone in my class to hold the picnic. Second, a long list of places is raise to select. After a long time discussing and argueing, eventually we decided picking up a date and a place to hold a party outdoor. Then, It was the time to list a number of things that was necessary for party such as foods, drinks, music. Finally, we make a detailed outline of main activities for that day, hopefully everyone would feel happy.

Buying things was very important part of the picnic. To get ready for it, we together went shopping before 2 days left. Girls were responsible for selecting freshest fruit, vegetables, cakes and candies. We boys would buy some drinks, bowls chopstics and lighter. Moreover, we also bought some chicken to roast and some polk to grill. All shopping day, we are very happy, always smile. After that, we located all foods and drinks to a classmate’s house to, other things are contribute to some people bring home to preserve. All things were ready for the picnic.

The last thing was to hold a party outdoor and enjoy it. The picnic perfomed successfully with good foods, drinks and good musics. We roasted chicken and grilled pork. They tasted extremely good made people unsuffered. Then, we sat down in a circle, ate, drank, chatted together and listened to musics. People were fascinated and enthusiastic and looked like very happy as if we were a big family.

The picnic gave me interesting experiences from planning, preparing to holding a party. I will keep that beautiful memory in my mind forever.


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