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It is true that some languages are probably no longer exist. It is argued that the expenditures of authorities to keep these languages are unnecessary, while some people beleive that it is essential for government to maintain these languages. I agree with the advanced argument.

It can't be denied that language palys a significant role in our life. It reflects the cultures of the communities who use it. For example, Chinese,Korean and Japanese are representative for Asia, which mostly use the graphical system language. Besides, If these minor languages are no longer exist, people who speak those have to learn foreign language, which is hard for alduts to get used to something unfamiliar.

The languages which are threted with extinction also have the meaning that there are a few people who use them to converse with the others. Thus, if these languages disapear, it will not affect dramatically to these ethnic because they must learn foreign language to intergrate with other societies. Additionally, the amount of money the governments have to spend to save these language are remarkable. For instance, they have to waste their fund on advertising, campaign, textbook to save these languages.

In conclusion, every languaged are regarded as an important part in our communiti. However, i still beleive that government don't need to put their fund to save these scarce language.
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