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The proliferation of using the Internet has made it become an indispensable factor in this day and age and there is no denying the fact that the Internet has gained its popularity at an amazing rate. Some people believe that the Internet plays an important role in their daily life while the others argue that the drawbacks of it should not be avoided. These are interpretation for this.

The first reason to support the Internet is that it provides people all the things they want. It brings human great convenience and efficiency, the clearest evidence are communication and information. Take an example of my friend, who has been living abroad for 4 years, we still keep in touch with the other until now thanks for the Internet. We can chat every single day through the Internet at a fast rate without waiting for the letter being delivered to the other and paying fees for transportation. For the information, we can easily get the latest one whenever we are on the Internet. In this technology -driving world, everything seems to be easily solved with the Internet, thus, using the Internet is an indispensable part in our daily life.

At odds with those advantages, some drawbacks are still mentioned by a number of people. It is said that the Internet makes people become too dependent. For the reason that everything can be quickly and easily get through the Internet, we abuse it so much that we even do not want to experience in the real life. Another problem is that using the Internet by children may put them at great risk. The fact remains that there is no way to verify children’s age when they are on the Internet. This is a big concern because there is a wealth of content that children should not access into. Pornographic or violent materials may lead children to stumble into dangerous way of thinking.

In conclusion, the Internet bears many benefits but exerts a barrage of disadvantages in human’s life, whether it is a pros or a cons depends on the way people use it. If we use the Internet with a rational way, it is a benefit. If we abuse it too much, it would be definitely a disadvantage.
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