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Nowadays, a gap year after high school leaver is a trend of student in some developed countries. In my experiences, I agree with those who take some time for traveling or having a light job. So, I would like to discuss this topic in both side pros and cons of the statement.  

There are three main benefits of the year before attend university. Firstly, student can have a comfy time after twelve years study hard so this make their brain become lighter and more creativity. Secondly, if they take a job they will get tons of experience so this is a deal that help them later in their studying period or later when they are mature. Finally, they can be learnt something like how hard to make money? or how big is the world? Then, they will work really hard and trying to learn as much as possible in their university for a good future. 




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However, everything has drawback of it. If they be a traveler they spend a lot of money from their parent so some family do not have enough money for their children to afford. For example, last year I spent 1000 bucks for my trip for two weeks only so how much for about some months or even a year. Moreover, the student who take a gap year will study a year behind compare to their friends. This will be less opportunities for their career. 


In conclusion, there are some drawbacks but the benefits is much stronger. So, the trend of gap year will be more common in the future because of its pros


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