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Some people believe that people have the right to university education, and government should make it free no matter what their financial background. To what extend do you agree or disagree. To what extent do you agree or disagree

It is undeniable that it is beneficial for most of students particularly underprivileged ones to acquire higher education without paying tuition fee. However, I’m on the opinion that the drawbacks of this phenomenon outweigh the advantages.

Regarding the financial problems, that allowing students enter university education freely regardless their financial background is attributable to the state budget deficit. Obviously, these countries especially low and middle – income ones have to face challenge of losing a huge amount of money from tuition fee which ought to have been paid for teachers and principals of these schools. Moreover, the shortage of state budget may cause the lack of investment in upgrading schools’ infrastructure and equipment; as a result, this would lead to the difficulties for students to keep up with the technology advancement and novel learning methods.

Moreover, being over reliant on government supports can discourage students’ motivation and lead to various adverse effects. Students may ignore the importance of learning since they have not to pay anything. As youngsters are the ones who will make up the country’s prosperity, it is more harm than good if they are lack of inspiration in acquiring knowledge. In addition, this action can also cause the shortage of competitiveness among students which is the radical of sustainable development. For example, if students have to pay tuition fee they will be responsible for their learning and determined to compete other students to win school scholarship in order to make up for their expenditure. Conversely, if they have to pay nothing for their education but there is no incentive synonymously with no competitors, they may feel discouraged.

In conclusion, although it is ethical to support all students entering higher education, this may lead to many detrimental effects which are both visible and invisible in the long run.
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