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Topic: Millions of dollars are spent on space research every year. Some people argue that the money should be spent on improving living standard on Earth. Do you agree or disagree
Space researchers are now seeing tremendous investments from both public and private institutions. Some argue that this money should be spent on raising life quality of people living on Earth rather than wasting on unrealistic fantasy. Regarding this debate, in my viewpoint, investment on space may soon receive a worthwhile return.
The first reason is that human race is facing the unprecedented resources scarcity. Due to over-mining, over producing, the Earth may, unavoidably, be out of ability to feed its residents. Thus, people need a new resettlement -  which is another planet somewhere out in the space. It will abound the resources for the continuous of human civilization., and beyond, clarify people to the mystery of the universe.
In addition to the need of space research development, the problem of increasing population appears to be another mainstream issue. Even if nowadays urban public services have enhanced, it still maintains serious problems of electricity, water supply, waste treatment, to name but a few, when the city is overloaded. People, then, need more land to live. That is the reason why the race of discovering and colonizing new planet becomes hot in recent years. As can be seen from newspapers every day, Mars - the planet bearing the most similar geophysics with Earth - is on plans to send people to, in the next decade. The remarkable space organizations, such as NASA, SpaceX,.. have published their scheme and spent billions of dollars for these projects. Thus, it is an undeniable evidence to show that Mars would become the human's second motherland someday.
The need of researching space science have been proven, yet its merit is still remaining as many questions. It does, more or less, contribute  to the people's living on Earth. Without space satellites, we cannot have today's high-speed mobile networks, for instance, 3G and 4G. Without the costly cameras and sensing systems installed on them, we cannot know how the Earth look like, how the weather is on the Earth surface, forecasting potential storms and disaster... The space investment, without a doubt, has paid off and may bring larger returns for next generations living standard in the future.
In conclusion, the money for space researching is not extravagant but needed for the human life to ensure substantial living and future evolvement.
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