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Topic 2: Some people suggest that children do not understand the world of works and school should make all teenagers spend a short time working as well as studying academic subjects. To what extent do you agree


In recent years, proving lack of practical knowledge for students has been an unresolved issue. Many people state that children should be allowed to take part in part-time jobs along with studying intellectual subjects. There are many different views, but I am in favor that learning should be combined with practicing.


On the one hand, the gap between theories and reality is huge. Practically, a great number of graduated students without realistic knowledge have to take a long time to adapt working environment. Thus, approaching pragmatic jobs, teenagers will be more likely to understand essential skills. For example, a student tutor can have a chance to practice to be a teacher in the future, students working as sale assistants not only know how to persuade customers  but also learn the method of managing and controlling the whole business from their bosses. Actually, a large number of students usually their parents ‘money, so they do hardly know its value. It’s not until they have to try their best to earn money, they will sure find how literally difficult it is.

On the other hand, doing a part-time job will improve student’s life, for instance, many youngster people live in slums are allowed to take part-time jobs, which will make the number of participants in evil society reduce significantly. As statistics suggest that if students only concentrate on learning academic knowledge, they will more suffer from autism. Therefore, no sooner did they have jobs than their health had better.


In conclusion, learning and practicing play an important role because they bring many positive aspects for children in the future such as pratical experiment, better health and so on.
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