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There is a widely held conception that nowadays celebrities coverage on media may not have a positive influence on children. As a coin has two sides, however, I personally believe that this phenomenon is not totally harmful and vice versa. The reasons for my position are as follows

Chief among the negative consequence of the widespread of celebrities news for children is that they idolise a famous person too far. This is highly likely to distract them from studying because of wasting time on updating and following the latest news from their idols. Furthermore, children tend to emulate not only the behaviours but also the fashion styles of those famous ones, without considering whether they are appropriate or not. Equally importantly, once children consume much time on their idols, it is inevitable that they would forget and undervalue the close-knit family relationships. Sadly, there appears to be a large number of teenagers who don't remember their parents' birthday but their idols' hobbies and daily activities.

On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that idealising a person sometimes can revolutionise our lives. There are children, for example, who are interested in some people primarily because of their talent and their personalities, such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and so on. Those ordinary ones may find themselves something to aim for, as well as set a goal for their future. In addition, entertainment features for celebrities are also a contributing factor to release children's stress from studying.

In conclusion, the meaning of fame today is somewhat different from the past. Besides acknowledging the great impact of famous people coverage, adults had better conceptualise their children's perception towards those remarkable ones.
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