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About ten to fifteen years ago, hardly could I see a patient who was diagnosed cancer. However, in recent years, it is too popular to the government have to raise a special campaign to prevent it. There are several reasons to lead this populous of this dead disease.

Firstly, little do people realize the important of healthcare before they get illness sufferer. In modern life, when the pace of life increase, people seem to be had less time to hangout and eat in a restaurant. Despite the fact of harmful install cups, boxes or plastic bags, they also prefer fast food, package meals or take away drinks… which can lead unhealthy eating habits. Moreover, the blue collar workers are familiar with sedentary office work and they are involved in less out-door activities. All of these problems can lead various healthy issue.

Secondly, there are more and more dirty food which contains detrimental ingredients in household and industrial kitchens. Only because suppliers are obsessed with making money do they cook illegal ingredients with cheap cost and high eye catching food.

 There are some solutions to solve these stuffs,

The first solution is that citizens have to had responsible with their health by attending more physical activities like gyms, yoga, aerobic…

The second and more important is that the government must deter food suppliers from cooking toxic food. Due to only when they have the fear of being sentenced to prison do they have responsible with their bad behaviors. 

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