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we haven't written to each other for a long time. I'm knowed that the first time you have come to Viet Nam and during time you will be staying with my family for 2 weeks. i live in a four-bedroom flat on the 15th floor. During your stay here, you will have your own bedroom.

you asked me about my family rules. there are three important ones that we must follow.

the most important rule in my family is that we forbid to swear and we must respect everyone, especialy, the ederly and members in the family. Because my parents are relentless that they attend to behavior.

Another rule is that we must keep our room tidy, my parents hate house dusty because they think it brings to diseas.

The thrid important ruule in the family is that whenever problems come up, we must dicuss parents frankly, and find solutions quickly, or making an important decision.

If you have any questions, please let me know. We will try our best to make you feel comfortable during stay wiith us.

i hope you will enjoy, express and feel happy your time in Viet Nam
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