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Nowadays, television brings various changes in people's lives. Some people argue this has negatively impacted contact with family, friends. Personally I disagree with this idea because i believe that the positive aspects outweigh the bad ones.


It can be clearly seen that watching television is good way to support communication among friends and family. Firstly, there are lots of stories people can discuss with others from things that they have watched such as televisions shows or news. They do not only exchange information but also share their opinion to friends and family. Furthermore, people can gain many lessons about relationships between them and friends or family from watching television. For example, Colors of Life program bring a variety of messages such as helping friends, taking care of family. From those lessons, everyone will try to spend more time for their family or hanging out with friends.


However, there are strong arguments against television. To begin with, many people waste much time in watching TV, so this habit distract them from their relationships. My brother, for instance, can spend all day watching game programs on TV. He does not often take part in outdoor activities or chat with friends. Therefore, he became a person of very few words and always hesitated before strangers. Another reason is that television also broadcasts some inappropriate programs that affect people's communication. Many scenes that different from culture of my country have appeared on TV. Someone can destroy their communication with impolite actions when they tend to imitate characters’ behaviors on TV.


In conclusion, although television affect people's contact, I do not believe that it can be obliterated their relationships with family and friends.

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Hello  Trong Xanh, I believe this is a very good essay, you had good way of expressing both sides of the arguments and writing the paragraphs briefly! Good job! I just wanna add something as following:

In the beginning of the essay, you said that the positive aspects outweighed the bad ones. Later, you provided 2 paragraphs about both of the positive and negative impacts of watching TV. That is very clear enough. However, I sugggest adding one more paragraph to express your opinion that the positive impacts are much greater than the negative ones, in your essay, I havent proved that the positive impacts were better, you just provided them.



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Thank you so much. That is a great idea.
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I am keen on way that you talk about issue, I can help a disference.

Everything has two side: positive and negative. Like wise,........................
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