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In some cities people are choosing cars instead of bicycles, while in other cities riding bikes are replacing cars. Why is this the case? The choice between cars and bicycles: which do you think is better?

Transportation is one of the most integral part of modern life especially with how interconnected our world is. A good way to go from one place to another have always been an important question. While some choose cars instead of bicycles, others choose the opposite. Although I strongly agree with using bicycles, this essay will try to disentangle both options to our transportation needs.

The first option is the uses of cars which have been common around the world especially in developed nations. Cars have the advantage of mobility as they can be used to traverse long distance while also protect their drivers from the discomfort of the natural elements which drive many to choose them. However, cars are space-consuming and could increase the number of traffic congestions in densely populated area. The other problem is with the vehicles pollution capability. Most cars still create a large quantity of smoke and this would only worsen with the trend that some are following.

The second option is to use bicycles which, excluding the incapability to travel long range and in bad weather, have many advantages in cities. First, riding bikes is a good exercise and people in urban areas usually lack the opportunities to go on a walk or to do any others sports. Many cities also have good infrastructures for cyclists like designated lanes for bikes and parking posts. Bicycles are also cheaper than cars because they are far less material-consuming to make. Overall, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages to some hence the increase in the number of cyclists.

While both choices have pros and cons, both are viable to some. I, nevertheless, believe in the prevalence of cycling in many places. The combination of bikes and public transportations would ease congestion and make our cities better places to live in as well as improve our heaths.

In conclusion, although many still consider cars as their main ways to move around. The trend toward bikes is welcoming while we are building a better future to live in.



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  1. You wrote: ...transportation is one of the most integral part of modern life especially with how inte...

    Feedback: It looks as though you have written "one of the" + most/least + adjective + singular noun. Did you mean ''one of the most integral parts''? 
  2. You wrote: ... The other problem is with the vehicles pollution capability. Most cars still create a la...

    Feedback: I think that there are a mistake here. Did you mean ''vehicles''' or ''vehicle's''?   
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